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Train with Us

We believe that teaching is a wonderful and inspiring profession, for both the children we teach and for the lifelong learning we are privileged to pursue ourselves.

As educators, we need a firm foundation from which to build excellence. Our training programme offers such a foundation.

At Mercia we are passionate about education and the difference it makes to young people and society as a whole. If you share our passion, please come and join us!

Our partnership schools are all committed to finding and developing their own teachers, therefore they are committed to their trainees - you won't find yourself as a visitor just passing through a school to carry out a placement for someone else's course. The partner schools aim to supply most of their Early Career Teacher needs from recruitment of their own trainees, meaning you will be working in schools who will invest in you as an integral and important member of their staff team.

We offer unrivalled choice in terms of type of school and location across Sheffield to train and work in, but we remain small enough to know every trainee as an individual and give every partner school a voice in the running of this training programme.

Our offer to each person who studies and learns with us is that they will:

  • Receive excellent, well-trained and regular support in the schools in which they teach.
  • Learn up to date and relevant pedagogical theory which will have practical implications for them in the classroom.
  • Work in a range of schools with a range of contexts. All trainees will spend time in schools with all of the following between them:
    • A high percentage of high ability pupils;
    • A high percentage of disadvantaged pupils from low income families;
    • A high percentage of pupils who speak English as an additional language;
    • An outstanding judgement.
  • Be able to link with the other trainees to form a group who learn and develop together.