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The Course

The 100% school-based approach we use means our own outstanding teachers are at the heart of your development. You will train by working alongside - and being mentored by - people who won't ask you to do anything they can't demonstrate by doing well themselves. They will be working with the same children you will be teaching, meaning conversations regarding pedagogy and methodology are pertinent and relevant.

With no blocks of time out at a University you will also experience the full cycle of the school year from welcoming and settling new students in September to celebrating the success of school leavers in July and the full annual cycle between. By the end of your year with us, you will be ready to teach across the full year as an NQT.

You will spend most of the training year in one school (the 'Home School') and these schools are central to the selection process and our school-based interview system.

You can express a preference for your Home School based on location, preference for the type of school or a personal connection to a community you want to serve, but we cannot guarantee to meet everyone's preference.

There is also a short alternative placement in a contrasting alliance school during your training year and a brief experience in the phase you are not training to teach in.

It would be sensible for trainees to base themselves within commutable distance of their Home School so these are finalised with you before the summer holidays to allow you to arrange your accommodation. We make every attempt to make sure the alternative placement school is in an accessible location but it may involve a few weeks of travelling further to get that all important contrasting experience in the right school for you.

Currently, schools you can train in within our alliance are:

  • Brunswick Primary School
  • Dore Primary School
  • Oughtibridge Primary School
  • The Nether Edge Primary School
  • Totley Primary School

We offer QTS as well as an optional PGCert through The University of Sheffield. If you study for QTS plus PGCert - you will also spend approx. 10 days over the year at The University of Sheffield. Passing, failing or not completing a Masters assessment will have no bearing on your assessment towards QTS although the learning in the Masters part of the course will help you evidence Teaching Standards and allow you to specialise beyond what is required for QTS.