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As a Mercia trainee, I have benefitted from being part of a group of trainee teachers from various subjects. Our regular evening sessions, as well as having some really useful content, have also been a chance to catch up, bounce ideas off each other and offer support and solidarity for what can be a challenging year.

Another and highly practical reason for choosing to train with Mercia was knowing that my training schools would come from a small pool of local schools that I knew I would be able to commute to easily.

Clare Thompson Mercia Learning Alliance Geography Trainee

For any prospective secondary school teacher, I would thoroughly recommend applying to the Mercia Learning Alliance. It offers opportunities to meet new people and share experiences with fellow trainees and experienced teachers. Being a Mercia Learning Alliance trainee teacher has also contributed considerably to my training - for instance the Twilight sessions I have attended have covered a wide range of topics, each of which have enhanced either my pedagogical awareness or my teaching practice.

Liz Johnson Mercia Learning Alliance MFL Trainee

Training with Mercia Learning Alliance has been a unique and exceptional opportunity to learn from the best! The support network and dedication of the staff at Mercia Learning Alliance is truly outstanding, giving trainees the opportunity to reach their full potential, by building strong foundations for a successful career in teaching. The knowledge and expertise of the staff is unrivalled, their support is continual and progressive, offering a multitude of enrichment and training opportunities for continual professional development, which are also supported by a wealth of high quality literature and resources. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to train with Mercia, and I am truly grateful for all their time, support and inspiration. 

Rebecca Pilkington Mercia Learning Alliance English Trainee

Choosing to train with Mercia Learning Alliance proved to be the best decision from the day of the interview onwards: the Assistant Headteacher and Teaching School Office Manager involved in recruiting trainees were very approachable and of great support during the months leading up to the start of the course. A couple of days before the summer holidays started, thanks to their hard work, most of us knew where we would be for our first placements and could therefore make preparations accordingly in August.

Throughout our year of training, we have had many CPD (Continued Professional Development) training sessions on diverse topics -- training that only the Mercia cohort received. The content from these events, delivered by experienced staff, helped to further support us professionally and provide us with useful tools and ideas for our practice.

If you're thinking of applying with Mercia for your training, go for it -- you will receive all the support and training you need, and much more.

Naushad Mukraknah Mercia Learning Alliance MFL Trainee